Moon Babes are an elite group of models that survived the Earths darkest age, after half of the population dies from a genetic mutation, erasing all males from the face of the planet. Moon Babes, a special team of mouth-watering women, assembled together as the last hope of saving a dying planet.

These skilled, yet charming babes will be launched to space to travel through the Cosmos, in search for compatible men that will help in the creation of a new generation and begin a new era powered by the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs. A galactic empire will be able to develop and advance new technologies and explore space for new solar systems, in a moonshot effort to reboot humanity in the metaverse.

The Moon Babes community is one of a kind with special events, interactive surprises and a range of unique opportunities. The official Moon Babe models also play an integral role in the holders only club, hosting livestreams, interacting in the events and engaging with the holders.

We will hold a variety of giveaways and contests to give talented community members and Moon Babe holders the chance to earn valuable prizes. Over $100k+ will be used for rewards and giveaways, the team also has many surprises upcoming.

We will reward x10 Moon Babes to the top 10 hype members who show the most creativity, hype the community, are active daily and invite the most people to the server. Our team will host these competitions as well as many others between all members in our Discord server and on our Twitter page.

The team's ultimate goal is to blow the moon babes community up, provide value and maintain a high level of spirit within our community.

For all the latest giveaways and rewards join our discord.



Giveaways will commence and a total of 5 rare Moon Babes (top 2.5% of rarity) and another 5 common Moon Babes (top 30% of rarity) will be rewarded to randomly selected Moon Babe Holders.



We will be funding our Moon Babe mission fund with 50K. This will aid in future works.



Partnerships with extraordinary influencers, artists and companies will commence, in order to increase the Moon Babes travel speed and expansion throughout the infinite Metaverse.



The first of many charity donations, 50k will be donated to The Teen Project.



We will announce all our anticipated mint rewards and add 100k to the moon babe mission fund. Plus reveal huge news and plans to our new holders.


After the launch of the Moon Babes into the cryptic universe, the elite group of skilled and sexy Moon Babes will soon make contact with a distant planet called Kepler-452b; also known as a super-Earth. This planet is flourishing with hot males that are a close match to those decimated on earth. During the Moon Babes Mission in attempt to interact with the Kepler men, they are interrupted by the invasion of planet FUD. The Moon Babes and Kepler men will join forces to fight the FUD and the Moon Babe DAO will be created…





All 3D collectible Moon Babes will be developed with video and special customizations. All interactive jpegs will be available for download for holders to use across multiple metaverse platforms.


The Moon Babes will create and build the first podcast of its kind, where our team and models will interview key celebrities and social media stars, talk about crypto, NFTS, and further bring awareness to the Moon Babes project. Special events and Moon Babe holder podcast inclusions will be regular and help strengthen the community.


The moon babe mission fund will receive all of the secondary market sales fees, as well as all collectable and merch profits. This will help fund marketing, project development, charity donations, events, holder incentives and sweep the floor. The holders will have a fair vote through the Moon Dao on how exactly this money is used.


We will also release the first edition of our exclusive merchandise and collectables, using high-quality materials and textiles. Merch, posters and other physical rewards will be shipped straight to your doorstep. All profits will go to the Moon Babe mission fund and Moon DAO.


10 Long lost Moon Babes reunite with the team... to be continued... 

Trait Rarity

Our team have worked endless hours to grasp the unique features and attributes of our Moon Babes, bringing to you the best collection of your favorite adult stars and models in its highest rendering quality.

Each Moon Babe NFT also acts as ticket to the holders only club where the official Moon Babe models and team will engage directly with its holders and shape the future of Moon Babes together. Plus, host crazy events and discuss the future of crypto, trading, business development and NFTs.

Holders holding a certain models Moon Babe NFT will have exclusive access to monthly content, special offers and live interactions with their Moon Babe star.

Exclusive holder discount and priority white-listing for the Moon Babes season 2 NFT collection.

Vote and take part in the DAO and decision making behind the use of the Moon Babe mission fund.

During the Moon Babes travels through the cosmos, they will encounter a number of fierce creatures and extraterrestrial intelligence. Gear up Cadet, it’s full speed ahead! Moon Babe Holders may acquire items for their journey, such as weapons, equipment and outfits. These items will later be used as assets within the metaverse. Holders will be airdropped these for free as they take part in the Moon Babe community DAO.

Exclusive moon babe live events and parties starting with Los Angeles, featuring our team, models and many celebrity friends.

Holder only access to special edition Moon Babe 3D figurines and the exclusive Art x collectible wearables.

Moon Babe Models

The Moon Babes comprises of some of the top preforming and hardest working adult social media stars who have combined forces to elevate the NFT ecosystem and bring something truly special. The Moon Babe Models are not just a pretty face, they are friends and project partners, committed to the long-term goals of Moon Babes and share in the vision playing active-ongoing roles within the project and community.


Taking the grind to another level at over 11.5 million combined followers

Viking Barbie

Over 11 million combined followers across social media, dominating the game for years.

Layna Boo
’’YouR FAvoRITE canadian’’ 

Making huge moves with over 7 million combined social media followers

Dakota James
’’Award winning Bikini Fitness USA’’ 

Crushing the net with 3 million social media followers 

Ana Lorde 
’’Playboy Maxim & FHM Cali girl’’ 

Elite star with over 6.5 million combined social media followers

Chrissy Knox 
’’Passion for fitness and boba tea’’ 

New to the scene and making huge strides growing over 1.1 million social media followers to date

Heidi Grey 
’’Blondes do it better, am I right?’’ 

Consistently getting attention and growing to over 4 million combined followers across social media. 

Lilly Rae  
’’Tiny heartbreaker ’’ 

New to the stage and producing red headed fire, already amassing over 500k followers.

Kiara Moon 
’’Tatted Princess & Cyber Babe ’’ 

One of the most prominent Asian stars in the social media game with over 1.9 million followers.  


The Moon Babes team combines years of experience across a vast range of ecommerce, marketing and tech backgrounds.
We strive for perfection and want to create something both unique and valuable, combining both reality and digital technology while keeping the project at the top of everyone's list and maintaining hype across our brand for years to come.   

Together we will build a revolutionary NFT space and take over the MetaVerse.


The Founder


Lead Developer


The Arquitect




3D Artist


Community Manager


Social Media Manager


How can I join?

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Is there a limit?
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What is the value of each Moon Babe?  
  • The value of each NFT is subjective, every Moon Babe is different and there are zero duplicates, meaning that different traits have different levels of rarity. Once we are sold out and all Moon Babes have been revealed, you will be able to check the rarity of your Moon Babe. Make sure to search the NFT market for the current price of Moon Babes with similar rarity traits and features if you're planning to sell.  
Moon Babes, shaping the future with their curves.